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People ask what do you do?

I say I'm a dog walker and nice to meet you!

Oh what fun and so easy they say...

Oh sure it can be, but there can be surprises along the way...

Oh i walked my dog yesterday it wasnt so much...

Thats great,  thats terrific for your dog to be sure...

But professionally , just saying there are many other things to consider just outside your door...

I quickly learned over time and experience that dog walking professionally was a whole lot more than just walking dogs around the neighborhood.



In my opinion its not that your a professional because your now getting paid.  A professional in this business is because you have experienced many situations that most dog owners don't even think about when they walk their furry best friend.


These are actual situations as a professional dog walker that I have encountered and of which I consider can potentially occur during each and every dog walk I perform...

You never know whats lurking in the bushes...

Are you paying attention??? Quick and fast the strike comes from no where. Your dog is sniffing around a bush and claws come striking out! Nothing like a ferrel cat living in the streets to whip its claws into your dogs face... Cats have sharp claws and can do serious harm to your dog if your not careful.

Oh look at those pretty purple bushes , sniff sniff...

Is your dog walker paying attention where your dog sniffs?  Those pretty purple flowers are buzzing with bees that can sting your dogs face! Bee stings can cause serious injuries even death and a professional dog walker will be watching out for these guys you can bet!

Ouch that hurts...

Hey your dog doesnt wear shoes!  Broken beer bottles and other glass things are sharp and cut into unprotected paws like butter. Living in the city of las Vegas one doesnt have to look hard to find sharp broken glass or nails on the side walks.  Is your dog walker looking out?

Oh No... an unleashed dog is approaching...

This is probably the worst scenario a professional dog walker can face. There are stray dogs all over the place. And if that isnt enough there are  those pet owners that think their dog is obedient enough to be walked without a leash! This is my pet peave! It only takes a second for an all out dog fight. Dog fights can be viscious and cause serious injuries. A professional dog walker is constantly aware and will be looking out for them at all times and ready to pick your dog up or lead them to safety quickly. What is your dog walkers plan of defense? Ask me and I'll tell you about my experiences...

Burning hot...

Please dont make your dog walk on black pavement in teperatures over 100 degrees!  It will burn their paws! I have a simple test if i can hold my bare palm on the pavement for longer than 30 seconds then its safe. If you can't do this simple test then please please please walk your pooch only on light colored sidewalks! Its simple science... Dark colors absorbs the suns heat where as light colors do not.  And never never let them walk on the metal vault lids on the sidewalks they are 10 times as hot as the black pavement.

Chicken bones and more!

Your dog has the keenest sense of smell and quick as a blink its in their mouth! I can't even begin to tell you how many times i have grabbed their mouths and shook out a chicken bone or some foreign thing they found laying by the curb. Polution from motorists and pedestrians are everywhere. But a professional knows sharp bones can harm a dogs intestines and will either see it before hand or know how to quickly remove it from their jaws.



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