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The Dog Walking Secret Weapon...

Your dog is in great shape and they love to run...we have just the thing to make your dog even happier than regular Power Pooch. Our Power Pooch Plus is a new and unique experience that surpasses all other means for getting your dog the best exercise ever invented! Our secret weapon is called the unicycle doggie jog! Yes, you have heard correctly, a "unicycle", that one wheeled weird looking thing you thought you only saw at the circus. Well now it has found a new purpose as the best dog walker device ever. It's secret lies in its consistent speed that remains at a pace just perfect for doggie jogs.

One Wheeled Doggie Wonder...

The unicycle can stop on a dime, allows total control as both hands are free and moves at a speed just right for the "doggie jog" (5-6 MPH). Some dog walkers boast skate boards , bicycles or roller blades for a means of exercise. Compared to a unicycle though, they are just too fast (12-15 MPH) where regular walks(1-2 MPH) are too slow. The skateboards and bikes also lack the necessary control to keep your dog safe! Dogs love to run but sprinting for thirty minutes or more can be just too much on them especially if they are out of shape and their paws are not used to it. Our doggie unicycle jogs are the perfect solution whether your dog is in tip top shape or not. 

Dog Walking Conditioning...

Starting with casual walks daily is a great way to build up soft paws especially with dogs that have spent most of their lives in-doors and on soft carpets. As far as their cardio conditioning goes, dogs adapt quickly even dogs that haven't been dog walking too often need only a week or so to catch up. Beginning with our regular Power Pooch Plan and progressing to Power Pooch Plus is a great conditioning plan even with lethargic dogs. 

The King of Dog Walking...

The unicycles unique features are what makes it the king of dog walking exercises! This one wheeled marvel can never go too fast like when using roller blades or other devices. Unicycles have a unique "stuck-in-gear" so to speak that guarantees your dog staying at the correct trotting pace for the duration of their exercise fun time. You see, unicycle's don't coast and they don't have higher gears to go faster. Just the perfect speed for your dog to enjoy their Las Vegas out door adventures. 

Dog Walking vs Expensive Veterinary fees...

Another great benefit of the unicycle doggie jog is that thirty minutes with a unicycle is equal to the exercise benefits of a normal two hour dog walk! Now that's great news when you consider todays rising veternary costs. Its just a plain and simple truth that healthy fit dogs require less visits to the veterinarian. Which of course doesn't take rocket science to figure out that less visits to the vets means less visits to your wallet.  It's a win win for you and your dog!   And whether you have one or two dogs our price remains the same! That's right, we dont charge extra for the second dog like so many others do.

Release the hounds...

So why not set your best friend free with a Power Pooch or Power Pooch Plus Plan today. Release the hounds from their four drab walls of boredom ! Order Today...But don't wait too long as our dog walking  time slots are filling quickly! Call or click the DOG WALKING CONTACT BUTTON today to reserve a spot for your dog. We guarantee you will return home to a wagging, refreshed and happier pooch everytime!

The more your dog walks the more you save $$$ and watch your dog become a POWERIZED POOCH today!



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